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We present to you a powdered, highly concentrated mix of microbes, each one scientifically selected for long-acting assistance and support. At HighTech SA we have a wide range of products and we decided to take a few of them and put them together to create a product that will give each grower the chance to start at the best possible position when it comes to plant health, growth, and protection.

One jar is enough to treat 7000 seeds.

Hightech SA Ultraseed

  • For Seeds:

     Place each seed inside the sachet to allow it to be covered completely, then gently place the seed in your preferred germination medium using tongs/tweezers.


    For Germinated seeds:

    After your seed has germinated, place it into your grow medium, take one spoon of UltraSeed(provided) and pour it over the seed before your seed gets covered.


    For Cuttings:

    Dip end of the cutting 4.20cm into powder and place into growth medium. Can be used in conjunction with root simulating hormones.

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